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Owner Testimonials

I received my heel guard today for my 2016 Heritage.
Let me tell you how pleased I am with your product. The finish is beautiful and it's also not some flimsy piece of junk that I have seen on other bikes. I can't wait to get it installed and probably will order one for the left side as well. I know people will ask where I got that and I'll be sure to let them know as I'll keep your pamphlet in the saddlebag.
Thanks again Carl!
Its nice to know someone still takes pride in the product they create.
Jeff, Pennsylvania

"Well, it's been a long time coming, but I finally got my bike fitted with a devise to haul my wheelchair. I just got it back yesterday evening and took it for it's maiden voyage today. Everything works great, the electric shifter (since I can't rock my left foot), the Baker reverse (Thanks Larry!), and most of all the chair rack (Thanks a million Lonnie!). The chair rack lowers to the ground using an electric drill, I get on the bike slide the chair on the rack and lift the rack off the ground with the electric drill, then one strap holds the chair in place and the drill fits in a nice leather holster on the sissy bar. The entire bike is handicap accessible now and The Carl Miles heel guard keep my feet from falling off the floorboards and burning on the pipes (Thanks Carl). I also need to thank Stev and Bill for their help and providing me people and ideas to make this work. I can't wait till I go rolling up at the next swap meet or bike show or any place for that matter and show everyone that even though I can't walk I can still pilot my bike down the road. This fills a void in my life I've lived with for two years and eight months, I still want to walk someday but now that I can ride my bike AND take my chair walking isn't such a big deal as I know I'll never be able to walk long distance or safely for that matter, but I'm a rolling fool in my chair, and Shannon's completed her therapy so she's learned a new technique to get in and out of the sidecar without assistance so we're good to go!! Life has improved for us unmeasurably right now!!!"



"…I saw it in American Iron and I said “There it is - That’s it! *THAT’S* what I need!”  I am forever burning the heel of my boot on my pipes.  I never knew I was doing it until I would see the smudge on the pipes at the next gas stop…or the next morning.   So it took me approximately  1-millisecond to go online and buy it after I saw the ad..."


Ron H.


'I purchased the adjustable highway bars for my '05 Heritage Softail Classic..and have just loved them... did everything i thought they would and more!! 
Last Saturday night my wife and I were riding and we had every bikers nightmare..!! We went down doing about 35 mph on a busy city street... The back end came around and the next thing I new we were down and sliding sparks everywhere!! When we came to a stop I was still with the bike , my wife was thrown clear, thank God!!  Long story short we were very lucky only bruises and bumps... But what I wanted to thank you for was selling a product that holds up... I realize that you don't sell it as a crash bar... but it literally saved us and the bike from extensive damage.. We were able to right the bike and drive it home...  The bar was bent but it did not collapse and held the bike off of us through the entire slide...
   I will definitely be purchasing another highway bar from you to put back on my bike ...Again many thanks...  Quality is hard to come by sometimes... ITs nice to know that some people (like you )still  care about that..."
Thanks again,

Rick L.


"My wife Susan and I would like to thank you very much for the excellent product (Heel Guard) your company produces.  In the past, we burned out heels all the time, ruined the heat shield on our pipes and our heels-costing us a fortune, but now that we own the Heel Guard for both our 100th Anniversary Harley's, all that is in the past!  We will recommend Heel Guard to everyone we know."


Daniel S.

"…absolutely the best!  No more cleaning rubber off of my chrome pipes.  It (the Heelguard) would be a bargain at twice the price!..."


Tracy R.

"Carl...thanks for a great invention.  I just love this thing.  I ride a Harley Fatboy and I purchased it for my bike last year.  My husband loved the fact that my pipes had no black marks on them, so this one is for his bike.  Now......what about a great cup holder.  I'll buy that too."


Roberta H.

"Carl...Received the Heel Guard today and installed it straight problem!  Excellent product, will tell my mates."

 Alex B.

"I have owned your Heelguard for over a year now and I just think it was one of the BEST additions to my bike!  I get many questions about it and I am very proud to say that.  I let everyone know exactly where I purchased it from and how great it works!  Thanks again for making a great product!!"


Steve T.


"An excellent product that does exactly what the ads claim it will do!"


Roger S.


"Just a note to say Thank you.  I called Dec 19th about ordering  a heelguard and left a message.  That night you called and said you would get me the product by Friday the 21st.  I did receive the product and you paid the shipping for a 2 day delivery so I could get it before Christmas!!  Thank you for not only the great product, but the great customer service!  I will definitely pass this company on and use you in the future.  Thank you and Happy New Year!!!"


Freddy M .